J+B provides architectural services with in-house associate architects. Our Architects are seasoned professionals with broad experience in projects from multi-unit residential to industrial and commercial. They work closely with our design engineers to bring the most out of our client’s projects. J+B’s multi disciplinary approach beings with this relationship, we have all building disciplines under one roof working efficiently together on a common project. This team works with our client and contractors on design solutions in a collaborative manner to maximize the benefit to our client. Our Architects can also provide the required documents for building development and building permits, occupancy, building code review, and fire code assessments.

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J+B’s portfolio of new building designs include simple structures through very technical constructions. In addition to petroleum industry facilities (gas bars, service stations, car washes and convenience stores) J+B designs retail, commercial, office, industrial, multi unit residential and specialized buildings.


Renovations constitute a very significant element in the J+B portfolio.  The process starts with a technical assessment of the existing facility, life cycle analysis, energy audit and cost analysis for the recommended renovations.  J+B excels in buildings where automation, security and communications play a leading role. Office renovations are completed while the building is occupied. J+B provides project management support to ensure minimal disruptions to work flow and a safe and healthy working environment. Comfort and safety of employees at their work place is our priority. Clients understand that this approach pays off in the long term.