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J+B were contracted by Pura Energy to support their design efforts to build a Compressed Natural Gas Facility for Manitoba Hydro South of Winnipeg. The facility is designed to fill tanker trailers with bulk compressed natural to be used to supply houses and businesses if there is a disruption to their Natural Gas supply, like a broken pipeline. The facility also included the design of a CNG transportation fuelling station to be used in the future to fill Manitoba Hydro CNG powered vehicle fleet.  The CNG compression equipment was designed by Pura, J+B provided the Architectural, Structural, Civil and Electrical design for the rest of the site.  Components include; site & site services plan, control building, gas compressor building Class 1 Div 1, equipment and fueling area concrete slab design, canopy over the fueling area and complete electrical design for site.

Pura Energy specializes in gas compression equipment design. J+B provided design support for Pura where it was required. J+B provided; site plan and facility layout design, electrical design for whole site including transformer and switch gear, site lighting and photometric design. Structurally J+B provided building foundation, canopy, slab and concrete pad design and Architectural control building design. We assisted Pura by providing guidance through the permitting period and with geotechnical and with daily construction issues to keep the project on schedule. J+B also provided the professional of record to sign C schedules, along with the other required professional design assurances for the community to issue building permit and grant occupancy.


  • Control Building design
  • Fuelling area Canopy design,
  • Fuelling are concrete slab
  • Control Building foundation design
  • HVAC and plumbing design for the Control Building


  • Site Electrical design
  • Transformer design
  • Electrical control room design
  • Site light plan


  • Site plan
  • Site drainage plan
  • Coordination of project design work.
  • Single point of contact for client.
  • Financial and schedule coordination
  • Trouble shooting

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