In 2012 J+B Engineering Inc. was employed by Malthus Canada Ltd. to assist in substantially upgrading the existing temporary Modular work camp at Bull Arm in Newfoundland. The camp was being built to house the work crews building the Hebron GBS off shore Oil/ Gas Platform. J+B were tasked coordinate the Architectural design vis our affiliated Architects along with all Electrical and Structural engineering and a significant portion of the Civil and Mechanical design required to complete the camp extension. Ensuring all building was to project expectations and code requirements, obtaining all approvals required to complete the project.

The project consisted of assembling three types of buildings. A Core, or Hub building containing a large cafeteria and commercial kitchen; a lounge, multimedia/ computer room, T.V. theatre room, a gym, recreation space and some offices. The next was a two story office building, designed to accommodate 300 administration support staff. The final was four, three story dormitory buildings each with 96 rooms with an attached en suite bathroom for each room. All of the buildings had all the expected services found in any permanent building. The Structural solution required the fabrication of purpose built footings to support the temporary structures. These footings were designed to be easy to assemble/ dissemble, capable of accommodating the complex building services. The whole project life cycle was considered designing these structures. The Bull Arm project is just one of many projects involving modular building in which J+B has been involved.


  • Architectural design via Affiliated Architects,
  • Code review
  • Design of building footings
  • HVAC and plumbing design
  • Complete electrical design for all structures.
  • Transformer and switch gear design.
  • Site and drainage plan

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