Additional Offloading Apron at Clairmont Bulk Plant

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Date: 2014


In 2012 J+B completed the design of a state of the art Bulk Fuel Plant for Suncor in Clairmont Alberta. In 2014 Suncor invited us back to design the planned expansion of an addition offloading apron at the facility. Clairmont is a busy fuel hub, Suncor wanted to be able to have two tanker delivery trucks to be able to offload different product at the same time. Due to an increase in business at the plant and the fast approach of winter, Suncor requested a tight timeline for the project. Because of our relationship with Suncor and our familiarity with the project, J+B were able to “hit the ground running’ and successfully complete the project. Understanding your client and what drives their projects is essential to managing successful projects.

  • Containment area slab and wall design
  • Stairs, gang way – Access design
  • Off loading slab design
  • Pavement design
  • Complete piping and pump design for fuel handling.
  • Fuel management system
  • Lighting design
  • Electrical design for pump system, system logic controls.
  • Site plan,
  • Drainage and storm water management plan
Project Management
  • Permit submission for local municipal and federal approvals. PTMAA submission for province of Alberta.
  • Project design coordination
  • Single point of contact for client.